Fertility care

First steps towards personalized fertility treatment


How life begins

Unwanted childlessness is a heavy burden for most couples. Although it is widely believed that fertility problems are more frequent in women, organic causes are diagnosed in the man (about 40%) just as often as in the woman (also about 40%), or in both partners.

Why things don’t always go as planned

Compared with other living creatures, reproduction is not an area in which human beings are particularly productive. Even in young couples with optimal conditions, only about 80% achieve a pregnancy within one year.

In young women aged between 19 and 24, the probability of pregnancy is as low as 30% per cycle, and that figure falls as the woman’s age increases.

Struggling with fertility – why us?

You are not alone in asking yourselves that question: involuntary childlessness is a problem shared by many other couples. Today, around every seventh partnership is childless and the number of couples affected by this problem is growing.

Involuntary childlessness or impaired fertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive a pregnancy within a year despite wanting a baby and regular unprotected sexual intercourse.

First steps towards personalized fertility treatment

We will start the process by performing a series of special examinations and tests on both partners to achieve the most accurate diagnosis possible. Infertility can be caused by many different factors, so this phase will inevitably take some time.

Once the causes have been determined as far as we can, we will prepare an individual plan of treatment. If need be, we will consult with our colleagues at your preferred fertility clinic.