We will be pleased to suggest a holistic treatment programme tailored to your individual needs:


Conservative options:

  • medication
  • special incontinence tampons and pessaries
  • bladder instillation


Physiotherapeutic pelvic floor rehabilitation

Our female physiotherapist can talk you through the best physiotherapy options in terms of achieving your goals. An examination and evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles provides the basis for your tailor-made training and treatment programme.

Physiotherapeutic measures

  • Awareness training, correct activation and relaxation of pelvic floor muscles
  • Discussion of your drinking and urination habits, learning of helpful strategies
  • Pelvic floor training with biofeedback and electro-stimulation
  • Soft-tissue treatment of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles (trigger point treatment)
  • Planning a programme of home exercises


Surgical options:

  • vaginal and/or laparoscopic pelvic floor surgery (with or without hysterectomy)
  • minimally invasive incontinence surgery (placement of a supporting tape)
  • Botox injections into the bladder muscle

Your tailor-made programme of treatment will be based on the problems you describe and our medical examination.